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aerial artsFly High with Above the Barre
Aerial arts is the combination of dance and acrobatic movements suspended in the air on various apparatuses. This art form builds strength and flexibility while allowing your inner artist to bloom. At Above the Barre, we offer aerial silks, comprised of two long fabric tails suspended from the ceiling to the floor, and lyra, a circular hoop suspended above the floor. You will learn climbing techniques, specialized locks, balances and poses, and mid-air movements. In each class, we will take you through a warm up and conditioning routine, strength exercises, and choreographed movements.

Ages 12 and up. Previous experience is not required. Progressing at your own pace and comfort level is important. Movements can be done low to the ground when you first begin, and will progressively move higher as your strength and skill ability grow. Although challenging, aerial arts will provide you with a fun and exciting way to achieve your goals, whether fitness or artistic. And who doesn’t want to dance in the air!

Drop-ins are welcome, but we recommend calling ahead.

Starting January 2017: Open Aerial Fridays! 5:30 pm Beginner Classes; 6:30 pm Intermediate Classes. Call to sign up!

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